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PEW satisfied over action against profiteers: pew

Govt asked to do more to provide relief to masses
Exploiter mafia should not be fined but sent to jail

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Chairman Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan (Retd) on Saturday expressed satisfaction over action against profiteers and asked the government to do more to discourage hoarders and provide relief to the masses.

A vigilant eye should be kept on the middleman mafia in fruit and vegetable markets so that elements creating artificial price hike could be punished, he said.

Surprise raids should be conducted across the country for eliminating artificial price hike and hoarding and ensuring provision of good quality of edibles to masses on affordable rates, he added.

Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan said that strict checking of weights and measures should be carried out by officials in routine to discourage unscrupulous traders while those selling adulterated items should be sent to jail.

He said that the majority of vendors are selling items above the fixed prices while the tendency of overpricing calls for a continue price-checking campaign.

The PEW president noted that non-Muslims in many countries are selling basic commodities at low prices to facilitate Muslims during Ramazan, but in Pakistan, the situation is the opposite and profiteers continue to dominate the markets.

Every Ramazan a rate list is issued by the district administration to ensure the sale of fruits, vegetables, grocery and other essential items at a controlled price set by the government but traders set their own prices to milk the public.

Authorities have always failed to control the prices of basic commodities at the advent of Ramazan while the situation can change a bit if profiteers are not fined but sent to jail.

He said that banks are playing an important role in strenghtning the arhati mafia which is exploiting growers and consumers.
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IMF pushing Pakistan into stone age: PEW

Global institutions blamed for economic genocide

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday said IMF is pushing Pakistan into stone age through its negatives economic policies.

Instead of encouraging growth in vulnerable economies, IMF destroys state institutions, disintegrate protective economic barriers and impoverish large numbers of the population, it said.

The destructive policies of the lender will transform Pakistan into a graveyard of industry and agriculture, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.

The visiting mission of the IMF will leave only after ensuring the continuation of its genocidal policies to destroy economic activities and trigger unemployment, he added.

He said that the stringent IMF conditions regarding the hike in electricity tariff, increased interest rates and devaluing currency have terrified masses and the business community.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that bureaucracy has successfully created a divide between masses and the government after which later has emerged as a serious threat for the poor.

He noted that rich have been spared while poor are being targeted for stabilization of the economy which is worst form of exploitation that may lead to a trend of suicides among masses like India

Different mafias and gangs of businessmen are ruling the country and continue to skin the masses with the support provided by the political class.

Dr. Mughal said that the continuation of such policies will hit masses and whole country can experience a Thar like situation where children die daily to malnutrition.

The IMF is not interested in reforms empowering the masses and simplifying the tax system while recent directives are against the basic human rights protected by the Constitution, he said.

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Government ruining economy, penalising masses: PEW

People paying the price for voting PTI to power
Rulers practicing voodoo economics
Officials prefer bribes over taxes

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Wednesday said the government continues to punish poor masses who are paying the price for electing incompetent politicians.

Those who claimed to nail the corrupt have been nailing the masses through their gross negligence, incompetence, and mismanagement, it said.

The government continues to harm the poor and now it has planned a hefty rise in the price of petroleum products which will push millions below the poverty line, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.

He said that the crazy crew of ministers have nothing constructive to do, they have no plan to provide some relief to masses and they are busy in blaming the former rulers for everything.

Dr Murtaza Mughal said that the government lacks any initiative to revive the nosediving economy or provide relief to the masses who are running out of patience.

He said that inflation, interest rates, the value of the US dollar, and unemployment are set to rise in the days to come, health, education, housing, environment, infrastructure, and social programmes would be compromised while investment will be at the lowest ebb.

Presently a good number of people have been forced to decide between eating normal food or getting their children educated but the government seems indifferent.

He said that masses want to pay taxes but the collectors prefer bribes over taxes by mentally torturing and blackmailing the taxpayers.

Dr. Mughal demanded action against those who send wrong notices to the people for personal motives.

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