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India will have to pay for Kashmir aggression: PEW

UN reaction diplomatic victory of Pakistan
The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Saturday said India will have to pay for the aggression in held Kashmir.
Prime Minister Imran Khan is dealing with the issue of Kashmir according to the aspirations of the people while masses and the business community is with the government and army, it said.
We will not hesitate to offer any sacrifice and will unconditionally support our Army, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.
He said that Pakistan doesn’t need any type of relations with India and we will not leave Kashmiris alone.
Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that Indian atrocities and cluster bombs will fail to dent the resolve of Kashmiris.
He noted that withdrawal of special rights and bifurcation of Kashmir has prompted the United Nations to issue a powerful statement which is diplomatic victory of Pakistan.
Modi is following the footsteps of Hitler and he has become a great threat to the peace of the world while any misadventure on the part of New Delhi can spark a war with very serious consequences, he said.
Nuclear-armed neighbors India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir while clashes over LOC has become a routine.
Dr. Mughal said that the world should act immediately so that tensions between the two rivals could be controlled otherwise Pakistan will make India history.

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Govt’s decision to reduce the price of roti lauded: PEW

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Thursday lauded the decision of the government to reduce the prices of roti (flatbread) and naam.
The price of staple would be reduced to the level which existed a few months ago which will provide relief to millions of poor, it said.
Inflation has already taken a toll on the poor therefore a reduction in prices of basic food will provide them some relief, said Chairman Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan (Retd).
However, he said that thousands of nanbais (bread makers) have also reduced the weight of roti and naam which warrant a strict action.
He said that hike in the piece of wheat and flour is little to do with erosion in the exchange rate, high energy prices, and tax measures while it has a lot to do with profiteering.
The government should bar district administration from increasing the roti price in an arbitrary manner, strikes by nanbais should be discouraged as it will encourage other sectors to pressurize government for the unjustified price hike, he demanded.
The authorities should also revere the artificial hike in the price of wheat and review the gas tariff for tandoors to make the move a success, he said.
Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan said that Pakistan’s annual requirement of wheat stands at 25.8 million tonnes while 27.9 million tonnes of wheat is available in stocks. The price should not have been increased in the presence of 2.1 million tonnes of surplus wheat.
He said that the ban on export of wheat should not be lifted, smuggling should be controlled and strict action should be initiated against hoarders and flour mills mafia which pushed the country into food insecurity for profit.

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