Profile – at a glance
Dr Murtaza Mughal is well known in literary, professional and social circles of the twin cities – Islamabad &Rawalpindi- for his dynamism with venerable qualities of head and heart. He is endowed with versatile traits from managerial skills to social work. National media depicted him as “role model of civil society & corporate culture”.

Besides masters in management from prestigious Quaid-i-Azam University, he holds degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Open International University. He is also Fellow of Commonwealth Institute of Alternative Medicine.
Known writer, his regular syndicated column “Fikar Farda” is published simultaneously in various newspapers and magazines.

Social & welfare profile
He is founder President of Writers Unity –a forum that promotes and lobby for peace, development and human rights. Writers Unity delegates have visited different countries to promote its cause and message.

He is also founder president of Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) and Rawalpindi Islamic School of Excellence (RISE) which is the first Nazriati School of its kind in Pakistan seeking inspiration from Nazria Pakistan Trust. Renowned scholar and former Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University Dr Rafiq Ahmad and Chief Executive of Nawa-i-Waqt Group legendary Mohtarim Majid Nizami paid rich tributes to Naseem Anwer Biag and Dr Mughal on establishing RISE.

Dr Mughal is Editor of monthly Margalla Times and weekly magazine Margalla News. He is also a freelance writer who contributes regularly to different national newspapers and magazines.

As a social activist, he conceived and developed numerous institutions and patronized such initiatives. A few such bodies include National Press Syndicate, Pakistan Economy Watch, Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Peace Forum and Mughal Heritage Society. In view of his dynamic personality and services, Gaddi Nasheen, Syed Sarwar Chisti of sub-continent’s most venerable shrine – Khawaj Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer Sharif- nominated him as President of Indo-Pak Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Peace Forum during his visit to Pakistan. As a social worker, Dr Mughal is patron of Safia Mustafa Free Clinics, which has treated over 200,000 patients all over the country. SFC provided medicines for 60,000 patients in quake-hit areas of Azad Kashmir.

It is a big honour and tribute to services of Dr Mughal that Nazria Pakistan Foundation has elected him as Dy. Secretary General of its Islamabad chapter. Legendary Mirza Naseem Anwar Beg, who has graced Islamabad Chapter of Nazaria Pakistan Foundation as its president, has long been appreciative of Dr Mughal’s devotion to the noble causes of peace, development and justice.

Corporate profile
He is highly qualified and seasoned professional, who carries a rich experience and exposure as an underwriter. He served multinational as well as leading national groups.

He started his career as Assistant Manager in Standard Insurance. Within three years, he rose to position of Regional Manager in view of his outstanding performance which resulted in about 400% growth in business.

He joined world renowned US-based insurance group AIG (New Hampshire Insurance Company). AIG’s portfolio in this region has hitherto been low profile, rather stagnant at a low level for many consecutive years.
As AIG’s head of Northern Region, he set new records in terms of business volume, turn over and image building. He cultivated close relations in diplomatic circles and played key role in making AIG’s travel product a great success. He put activities of New Hampshire in high gear with unprecedented growth of 1200 percent i.e., from mere Rs 9.5 million to 120 million within five years. He conceived and floated idea of AIG’s famous Travel Pak – travel and health insurance scheme – with many value added features. He also conceived, designed and launched Auto Sure in northern region. The plan provided best competitive package with many value added benefits for low income group. Ever since he assumed office, northern region remained on the top winning many company awards for best overall performance.

Currently, he heads two key companies – United Insurance (UIC) & United Track System – of United International Group. As Country Manager of a public limited company, UIC-Pakistan, he strengthened and organized its branch network on modern lines with launching of many new and progressive branded products. Just to name of few: Travel Guard, Education Secure Plan, Auto Guard, Mobile Guard, Health Guard and Plastic Card Secure.

Under his able leadership, UIC has registered a consistent remarkable growth in terms of business volume, turnover and financial strength. Since his joining company, the company has made 200% percent growth in paid up capital and 300% in business portfolio till Dec. 2007.

He focused on areas like product development, distribution channels, customer satisfaction and above all employee friendly environment. The stepping stone of all this success is what he described as “building image and credibility”. On the basis of sound performance and financial strength, the UIC has earned prestigious corporate customers which increased business to almost three fold.

According IAP, the UIC is now top of the line in Pakistan with regard to underwriting profit.

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