Media damaging moral, Islamic values for profit: Dr. Murtaza Mughal

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Pakistan Media Destructive Impact On Society Discussed
Pemra, other watchdogs not discharging duties: President PEW
The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Friday said apart from rulers, a good number of masses are equally responsible for the current economic mess.
Economic downturn reflects anger of Allah Almighty whose directives are being flouted openly in the society, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.
Speaking at a seminar, he said that deceit and lying has become part of our daily lives while hypocrisy is considered a ladder to the success.
He said that it was difficult to find anything indecent in media in 1990s while now it is impossible to spot anything which isn’t against the public morality.

Useless and negative elements are being painted as heroes which has put youth on the path of moral destruction, he observed.
Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that propagation of immorality is against the teachings of Islam and all other religions but media has been focusing it for profits.
Criticising the role of PEMRA and other watchdogs, he said that these institutions will only move when the interests of elite are threatened.
Indian TV is getting positive while Pakistani channels have been fanning things that are damaging the moral fabric of the society.
Love affairs, cheating spouse and divorces are being shown as part of normal life which is against our basic cultural values, Dr. Murtaza Mughal observed.
Rulers as well as religious parties have put this issue on the backburner which has raised concerns among those who want a young generation to have a positive attitude, he added.
Programmes glorifying crimes and obscenity, airing material against ideology of Pakistan, pushing un-Islamic values, using objectionable language, hurting family and marital harmony, promotion of sedition, violence, social inequality, and misleading nation are few areas that need to be ratified, he said.
Destructive impact of media on society will not go unnoticed for long, it should mend ways lest they see the consequences in their homes, he warned.

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