Govt power policy failed to deliver: PEW

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Loadshedding started with the onset of summer
New power projects added to the circular debt, massive foreign loans

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Thursday said the onset of summer has resulted in massive load-shedding across the country exposing serious flaws in the government’s power policy.
The tall claims of the PML-N leaders regarding eliminating power crisis failed to materialize which can have an impact on the results of upcoming elections, it said.
PML-N leaders knew that load-shedding was an important factor in the defeat of the PPP in the previous general elections, therefore, they made elimination of energy crisis a cornerstone of their strategy, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President of PEW.
However, he said, it seems difficult that the promise would be delivered as three RLNG based power projects in Punjab with a combined capacity of 3600 megawatts failed to start commercial production despite repeated extensions in the deadline resulting in massive losses.
Similarly, Nelum-Jhelum and Tarbela extension projects with a capacity of generating over 1400 megawatt also failed to provide electricity adding to the costs.
The failure has hit LNG imports which have resulted in fines and damages and the masses will pay the bill for the incompetence of the authorities.
Murtaza Mughal said that government tried to launch new power projects ignoring reforms and improvement in transmission and distribution system which has only added billions to the circular debt and loans.
It appears that the next government will have to bear the load of the mistakes of the incumbent government which is not ready to accept its failure and take action against those who are responsible.

In: Economy WatchAuthor: AAMIR JAVED