Hunger engulfing whole planet: FPCCI

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South Asia will be the worst affected region

Convener FPCCI Central Standing Committee on Insurance Dr. Murtaza Mughal on Sunday said hunger is overwhelming the globe in the wake of coronavirus and climate change while South Asia will be the most effected region.

Experts say that the issue of food security is worrying them and the situation in South Asia will be alarming as half of the world’s malnourished people live in this region, he said.

Similarly, the region is on the top of undernourished children which is compromising future of South Asian nations, he added.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that Asia and Pacific is also on the top as far as the unjust distribution of wealth is concerned which has made it a region with the most obese population.

He said that governments around the world should improve their grain storage capabilities, reduce agricultural losses, improve quality, use the latest technology and provide proper financing to the farmers.

He said that the government in Pakistan should launch a crackdown on mafia dealing in fake fertilizers, substandard pesticides and seed and try to end the role of loans sharks and middlemen in the agriculture sector.

Masses must be educated about proper diet which will jack up its demand providing an incentive to the producers, he said, adding that the recent rains have inflicted loss of billions to the economy but at the same time water worth billions have been wasted due to lack of proper water storage capacity.

Dams are very important for the economy but governments are more focused on projects which can be politically beneficial irrespective of their feasibility.

We are not left with extra time therefore the pressing issues should not be delayed and mafia should be eradicated otherwise the agriculture sector will never flourish, he warned.

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